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Our bulk option for our locally-sourced pig ears are a GREAT treat to stock for later, and have on-hand for your four-legged friend. 


FACT: Incorporating pig ears into your pet's diet is not only a great way to ensure that they are receiving additional protein, but it is also a great way to provide them with an all-natural tooth brush. Chewing our dehydrated pig ears not only helps to clean your pet's teeth, but it also aids in removing any plaque build up that they may have.


*Looking for less? We also provide pig ears in smaller quanities, just ask!

Bulk Pig Ears

  • Please note: when offering this product to your pet, ensure that they are not left unattended, as some treats may be considered a choking hazard. When fed in an undistracted and comfortable environment, this product can be enjoyed safely by your pet.

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