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Our certified raw organic milk is available in one-litre containers.

It is for pets only not for human consumption.


Another great gut health supplement for both dogs and cats!!⁣
Goat’s milk is a healthy, tasty option for pets, and is loaded with nutrients that support digestion! ⁣⁣
Why goat's milk? ⁣⁣
Unlike most available options for cow's milk in Canada, goat’s milk is unpasteurized (raw). ⁣⁣
Raw Goat’s Milk is more than just a treat, it’s a nutritional aid. The bacteria in raw goat’s milk is excellent for supporting digestion and reducing symptoms of allergies and inflammation. ⁣ ⁣
On top of the probiotic benefits, Goat's milk is a great source of the following:⁣⁣
Moisture - vital to all systems in your dog's body⁣⁣
Calcium - component of bone, strengthens muscle and supports blood clotting⁣⁣
B vitamins - support healthy metabolism, digestion, and hormone regulation⁣⁣
Vitamin A - maintains eye health and cell function⁣⁣
Protein - provides amino acids needed to run the whole body.


Pets love it! Great meal topper  whether you feed raw or kibble. ⁣⁣

Certified Raw Organic Goat Milk

  • As our products are 100% natural, and free from fillers, and preservatives, we take pride in the shelf life provided on our products. Having a shorter shelf-life can help put you at ease knowing that your pet is receiving healthy and nutritional products!


    This particular product requires refrigerated storage from the time of pick-up or delivery, until it has been used, or until the best before date.

    Upon pick-up or delivery of your product, you can refer to the packaging for instructions, or inquire with us regarding any questions that you may have!

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