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Our locally-sourced Goat Milk is a great add-on to your pet's nutrition routine! Goat Milk is naturally high in probiotics that can help to improve the presence of good bacteria in your pet's stomach and digestive tract. By incorporating Raw Goat Milk into your pet's diet your pet will not only have the opportunity to improve their immune system, but also experience the benefit of easier food digestion!

Raw Organic Goat Milk 500ml

  • As our products are 100% natural, and free from fillers, and preservatives, we take pride in the shelf life provided on our products. Having a shorter shelf-life can help put you at ease knowing that your pet is receiving healthy and nutritional products!


    This particular product requires refrigerated storage from the time of pick-up or delivery, until it has been used, or until the best before date.

    Upon pick-up or delivery of your product, you can refer to the packaging for instructions, or inquire with us regarding any questions that you may have!

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