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Our Mini Beef Burgers are a fan favourite, and are packed with protein! Made with locally sourced beef, chia, and hemp seeds, these treats are sure to be a favourite in your household, too!

Treats with a purpose: Unlike many store-bought treats, our treats are made with wholesome, natural, and nutritional ingredients! The addition of chia and hemp seeds not only adds to the nutritional value, but it also aids in joint pain, cancer prevention, and hunger. FACT: Chia and hemp seeds are packed with protein and healthy fatty acids!

Mini Beef Burgers

  • As our products are 100% natural, and free from fillers, and preservatives, we take pride in the shelf life provided on our products. Having a shorter shelf-life can help put you at ease knowing that your pet is receiving healthy and nutritional products!


    It is highly recommended that our products be kept in a cool, dry space, away from moisture and fluctuating temperatures. If you have an abundance of product, it is entirely acceptable to store in your freezer, and remove product as needed.

    Upon pick-up or delivery of your product, you can refer to the packaging for instructions, or inquire with us regarding any questions that you may have!

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